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Welcome to the summer term!

To our lovely children and your fantastic families. We would like to wish you all well and send our sincere thanks for the effort you are putting in with your distance learning and for continuing to ‘exercise’ your brains whilst we are not altogether. We are soooooo proud of you!

We hope you had a good break from learning over Easter and have been showing all your Crossways values at home to help the people you live with, as well as having some fun family time together. Usually we would be welcoming you back for the summer term on Monday 20th April but sadly we cannot be together – so we just want to remind you that we are still here and thinking of you all.

We have been busy putting together some ‘NEW’ activities for you to carry out over the next two weeks (they are at the bottom of this page!). There is an English and a mathematics task for every day and some curriculum activities too. We have also included some quick daily challenges for those moments when you want to do more!

Remember, these are all suggestions and you can complete these when it is most suitable for your families and in any order you please. It’s much better to do some rather than none at all! Stay in touch via the Year 2 email, we know the effort you are putting in and we are truly thrilled with the time and consideration you are giving to the suggested activities we are posting on this page (as well as all your rainbows!).

We hope you have been reading lots of books and enjoying different types and authors. Here is a book that you can share with your parents to help you understand the world we are currently living in, as some of you may find things difficult at times: https://www.flipsnack.com/CSKidsBooks/what-s-going-on.html Just like our story we read together at school – if your ‘bag of worries’ becomes too big for you to carry round – empty it out once in a while and share them so it can’t squash you flat!

Sending our best wishes to each and every one of you,

Mrs Heath, Mrs Harrison, Miss Toms and Miss Meaton