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Super Squirrels and Fantastic Foxes!

We cannot believe it but it is finally the last week of term!  We have said it a lot this year but we are SO proud of you.  You have dealt with our strange year superbly and although it hasn’t always been easy, and we have all had good and bad days, you have shown true Crossways spirit and reflected our values in all that you do.  We are sorry our time teaching with you together was cut short, but it has allowed us to see you learning in different ways at home and at school.  We have really enjoyed seeing and hearing about some of your skills and talents that we may not have known otherwise.

As it is the last week of term the work is a little bit different this week.  For those of you learning at home, we have put a Summer work booklet on the website for Maths and English which should be fun. (You can suggest to mum or dad to print it 2 pages per page if you want).  We will be doing this in school too.  In the afternoons we think you may want to spend your time getting some exercise, baking, gardening, doing routines on the trampoline, dog-training, learning bike stunts, painting, taking photos, sewing, mastering keepy-uppie or any of the other things you have been doing in lockdown.  If you would like to complete it, we have also put a nice transition booklet on the website or maybe you could do a painting or create a wordsearch about year 2.  It really is up to you and your family!

A huge thank you to all the parents for your support, patience and encouragement throughout the school’s closure.  We know it hasn’t been easy at times, but we are so grateful to you.

Finally, Foxes and Squirrels, enjoy your last week of Homeschool – make it fun for everyone at home!  Have an absolutely fantastic summer holiday and we will see you as wonderful, grown up Year 3’s in September.

Well done everyone!

The Year 2 Team



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