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The Crossways Summer Challenge is open for all children including those joining us and those leaving from Y6. Challenges will be published on the schools’ Facebook page Mon and Thurs throughout the holidays with an aim to encourage reading for pleasure. There will be fun activities, a certificate for children who joined in with five...
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If your child has completed their home reads they would normally receive a reading certificate in school. As we cannot currently do this please use the link below to print off a certificate for them. Reading rewards certificate Infant School  
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We have been given free access to a variety of reading books until July 31st. Simply click on: www.online.raintree.co.uk And use the following login information:           Username:  UKfreeaccess           Password:   engage   We hope you enjoy reading and discussing them together.
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Please feel free to post up ideas and share things you are doing during this period of isolation via this website. It’s important to still feel part of our Crossways school community. We look forward to hearing from you! Mrs Stockton and Miss Dent.
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Hello everyone! It’s great to see lots of posts on Evidence Me of you all being active! Here is a link to a website that has lots of short music videos with actions that we love to join in with in class. Our favourite dance is called Banana Banana Meatball, type it in the search bar...
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Miss Day has found some great free websites for you to access at anytime to support your child’s reading. The links are at the bottom of the page in the reading document.  
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Jolly Phonics Website If you would like some Jolly Phonic resources a great place is Jolly Phonics Actions Look in the resources section for activities and videos on how to say and teach the sounds. Thanks, Mrs Stockton  
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I would like to welcome all the EYFS children and families into 2020! We are beginning the New Year with Miss Dent joining us as as Rabbits teacher and welcoming back Mrs Sharp who will take Rabbits on a Tuesday afternoon, covering Miss Dents non contact time till the end of Term 6. Mr Small...
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