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Year 5 Home Learning Pack 5 (15th – 26th June)

Dear Year 5,
Well done for all your continued hard work with your home learning.

At this time of year in school, we would usually be beginning to wind down a bit in terms of our learning, with an increased focus on sports, drama and other more creative areas.  To reflect this, we have altered our pack contents for pack 5.  You will find that we have reduced the quantity of work overall to cover just elements of maths (with a list of online resources to support these activities) and English and added a grid of independent activities for children to have a go at in the afternoons (or however works best for your family). Some of these activities will be short and some may be better spread over a couple of sessions.  The choice is yours!

If, as a family, you feel you have capacity for more home learning activities than we have provided please email us on the Year 5 email address and we will be happy to send over additional tasks.  This is completely optional though.  

We know that you have all been working extremely hard at home for a very long time now and motivation and enthusiasm for school work may well be decreasing.  If this is the case, you are not alone!  Remember to use these resources as a guide and  find a balance that works for your family.  

As always, please contact us through the year 5 email address if you have any questions or need any support at all.  We are always happy to help in any way we can.

Best wishes and Stay Safe!
From the Year 5 team

Pack 5 letter

Y5 pack 5 suggested timetable for school closure


Please learn the words from Term 6’s spelling booklets (included in pack 4) and the Y5/6 statutory word list (there is a PDF copy of both sheets on the website). 

Reading:  Reading 5 lots of 10-15 minutes a week, aiming for 150 reads by end of Term 6. Please record in book and keep count.




Continue with your Rock Stars times tables online and Mathletics – https://login.mathletics.com/

Please see the links in this document for support with some of the methods in this pack’s activities.

Afternoon activities

Diamond 9 afternoon activities Y5 Pack 5