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Year 5 Home Learning Pack 6 (29th June – 17th July)

Dear Year 5, 

Well done, you’ve made it to the final Year 5 home learning pack of the year!! You have all truly amazed us with your dedication, motivation and hard work over these past few months.  We are so so so proud of every single one of you! 

Your final Y5 pack is much like the last. You will find two weeks of  spelling, reading, maths and English work as well as a diamond 9 of activities to have a go at as independently as you can.  For the final week, we would like you to just focus on the Transition diamond 9.  There are lots of activities there to help you prepare for your transition to Year 6.

As always, if you have any questions (or would like extra work!!) please contact us by email.  

Best wishes,

The Year 5 team 


Year 5 school closure cover letter 6

Y5 pack 6 suggested timetable for school closure



Please learn the words from Term 6’s spelling booklets (included in pack 4) and the Y5/6 statutory word list (there is a PDF copy of both sheets on the website). 

Reading 5 lots of 10-15 minutes a week, aiming for 150 reads by end of Term 6. Please record in book and keep count.





Continue with your Rock Stars times tables online and Mathletics – https://login.mathletics.com/


Afternoon Activites:
Last Week of Term:
Wow! You’ve made it to the end of Year 5!! Well done.  This week, please have a go at any of the transition activities from the Transition Diamond 9 sheet.  We would love it if you could email in any of your transition work so that we and your Year 6 teachers can see. 

Transition Diamond 9 Y5 final week Pack 6