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Crossways Football Awards 2019-20

Huge congratulations to everybody who represented the school this season:

Thomas A
William A
James A
Harvey B
Marshall B
Philip B
Oliver B
Jake B
Freya C
Chloe D
Jayden F
Shania G
Jay J
Lucas J
Kelton K
Erin L
Zac L
Elizabeth L
Archie P
Nerea R-V
Cai S
Alfie T
Alex T
Ava W
Max D
Fin J
Jacob D
Imogen B
Poppy G
Sophie S
Dylan C
Oakley S
Izan R-V
Angel B
Sofia F

We had some great games and the players always showed brilliant Crossways attitude, using all of our school values. It was a massive shame that the season was cut very short through weather and then Lockdown, greatly limiting the number of games played.

Now for the awards!

Players’ Player- Girls

Nerea RV

Player’s Player- Boys

Jayden F

Golden Boot (most goals)- Girls

Nerea RV

Nerea scored some superb goals this year (ranging from long range screamers to penalties), along with several valuable assists for her team mates. Her range of passing and understanding of the game is fantastic!

Golden Boot (most goals)- Boys

Jayden F

Jayden is a natural goalscorer. Left foot, right foot, head- he can do the lot! He also brings his team mates into the game with his exceptional hold up play and passing. He’s also not afraid to take players on, gliding past them with ease!

Most Improved Player- Girls

Freya C

Freya came into the team, not having played much football before. She quickly developed into a no-nonsense defender, who reads the game really well. Her tackling and interceptions have been vital! Her passing and attacking play also really improved, with her getting on the scoresheet.

Most Improved Player- Boys

Archie P

Archie was lacking a little confidence at the start of the season, but his confidence steadily increased as the season wore on, allowing him to put in several outstanding performances. He can play equally well up front or on the wing and has scored several excellent and important goals as well as providing for others with his wand of a left foot!

Manager’s Player – Girls

Chloe D

Chloe’s attitude is second-to-none. She never stops running, has bags of skill and has been integral to the team this year, forming a great attacking partnership with Nerea, Ava and Imogen. She is always positive and leads by example- she even played one game when she had been quite poorly beforehand! Well done Chloe!

Manager’s Player – Boys

Alex T.

Alex is, to put it quite simply, Mr Reliable! Every game, he has been an absolute rock. He always stays positive and doesn’t let his head drop. He encourages his team mates and formed an awesome defensive partnership with Cai. He progressed massively on a technical level as the season progressed, really developing his passing game. His interceptions, tackles and reading of the game are superb. Well done, Alex!