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Please find attached the Term 2 overview


Term 2 overview to parents Y3

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Spellings Term 4 (Mrs Ivett) and Term 4&5 (Mrs Ayotte and Mrs Chivers)

Posted on 17 Feb 2020
Please find attached the spelling lists for Term 4 and 5 for Mrs Ayotte and Mrs Chivers. The list is broken into the two terms and when the two spelling tests will be. Mrs Ayotte and Mrs Chivers – Y3 Spelling List Term 4 and 5   Please also find attached the spelling list f


Posted on 21 Jan 2020
Year 3 have been working hard multiplying 2 digit numbers by 1 digit numbers. We have been using place value counters and dienes blocks to help us. Well done Year 3. Keep up the hard work!   Thank you to the PTA for buying us the place value counters.  

Y3 Home Learning 17/1/20

Posted on 16 Jan 2020
Year 3 Term 3 – Home Learning Year 3 Term 3 – Home Learning adverbs sheet

Clive Pig – Stone Age to Iron Age

Posted on 15 Jan 2020
Year 3 were lucky enough to have Clive Pig visit on Tuesday 14th January. Dressed as a Celt, Clive talked to the children about what it would be like in Stone Age Britain: how they would have hunted, what they would have eaten and how they would have survived.  The children were able

Salt dough fossils

Posted on 10 Jan 2020
Y3 had a very busy day, as in the afternoon, we made Salt Dough Fossils as part of our ‘Wow’ introduction to our science learning of rocks (linking to our main topic of the Stone Age). The children helped us make the dough and then moulded it and imprinted it with dinosaur skeletons a

Angles Learning

Posted on 10 Jan 2020
Today in Maths, Y3 applied their angles learning from this week by collaborating and identifying the different angles in the puzzle. There was lots of high quality maths discussion and the children were able to explain the differences between the different types of angles. Well done Y

Term 3 Spellings

Posted on 09 Jan 2020
Word List – Term 3 Mrs Ayotte Word List – Term 3 Mrs Chivers Word List – Term 3 Mrs Ivett

Year 3 Road Safety

Posted on 02 Dec 2019
On Tuesday 26th November Year 3 were visited by the Road Safety Team.   We learned about pedestrian, cycle and in car safety. First we all looked at the different ways to safely cross the road, thinking about using crossings and how to safely walk along the pavement.  Then we spl

Magical cape sewing

Posted on 02 Dec 2019
On Friday 29th November Year 3 created their wonderful, magical capes. The children had been busy all term, evaluating ,designing and measuring their capes and on Friday afternoon they finally came to make their capes.   The children created some wonderful designs and were so pat

Please find attached the Term 2 overview


Term 2 overview to parents Y3

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