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School History

Crossways Junior School opened in 1973, three years after the Infant School had started.  Once established the school grew to eight classes, two for each year group. This enabled the full journey from Recepeption through Key Stage 1 and onto Key Stage 2 to be provided by the two Crossways schools.

The site comprises of vast landscaped grounds and a two storey building which houses the eight classrooms, a large, multifunctional hall and a spacious and well stocked, computerised library. In addition in the centre of the school we have a delightful courtyard area with a fish pond. As well as a quiet learning space, our double Elliot classroom provides additional specialised teaching areas, particularly for art, cookery and music lessons. 

Our beautiful grounds have trees and mature shrubs, a pond and wildlife area, an allotment, a gazebo, an adventure playground, trim trail, football pitches and a quiet area. In addition we have a large marked hard-core playground. As you may imagine our grounds provide many opportunities for environmental, science and sporting activities, all of which we aim to use as much as possible.

Crossways Junior School became part of The Crossways Schools Federation along with Crossways Infant School in September 2012.  The aim of the Federation is to create one seamless learning journey for children whilst maintaining the strengths and individual identities of the two schools.

In October 2013 the Junior School celebrated its 40th birthday with a special day for the children and staff which included a fancy dress day and the burying of a time capsule.