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Crossways Federation Governing Body

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The Composition of the Governing Body

As we are a federation we have one Governing Body covering both schools. The formal constitution provides for a minimum of seven Governors with flexibility to appoint others to meet demand for skills and experience. The Crossways Schools Governing Body consists of:

  • the Executive Head Teacher (currently Acting Headteachers);
  • two parents; elected by parents and carers of children each school;
  • one staff; proposed and elected by the staff of both schools;
  • one local authority (South Glos council) appointment;
  • a further thirteen co-opted, making a total of eighteen, from a range of areas ensuring a good balance between staff, parents and others;
  • there is also the option to appoint ‘associate’ governors;
  • the Deputy Head Teachers are invited to all meetings.

Once in place each governor plays a full and equal part in the running and management of the school. Nobody is there to represent their particular group. Most are educational amateurs but bring experience from home and work. Each governor serves a term of four years. We often welcome new members to add to the diversity, skills and experience of the governing body.  If you would like to take on this challenging but interesting and rewarding role, please contact the Chair or Clerk via the school office.


When compared to a business we are the board of directors with the Head Teacher being the Managing Director. The Governing Body has the final accountability to the Secretary of State for Education for the running of the school. We set, agree and oversee budgets; appoint the Head Teacher and Deputy Head Teachers; monitor the implementation of changes in the law; ensure the national curriculum is being taught, with all pupils having equal access; and help formulate the vision and aims. All this whilst ensuring that the ethos of the schools is supported. We are fortunate to be able to delegate many responsibilities to the Head Teacher.



Emma Aiken-Jones Chair of Governors, Co-opted (Parent)
Emma Hillyer Staff (CJS)
Vacancy Staff (CJS)
Jane Stockton Staff (CIS)
Vicki Vowles Staff (CIS)
Sarah Wickett Vice Chair/Chair of Pupil Development, Co-opted (Parent)
Cori Davies  Parent (CIS)
Helen Mitchell  Parent (CJS)
Joanne Hall  Chair of Finance and Resources, Co-opted (Parent)
Julia Jolley Chair of Staff Development Commitee, Co-opted (Parent)
Paul Gardiner Co-opted (Parent)
Philip Clarke Co-opted (Parent)
Alan Bucke Co-opted (Parent)
David Clark Co-opted
Vacancy Co-opted
David Jenkins Local Authority
Hazel Packer Acting Headteacher, CIS
Paul Medlicott Acting Head Teacher, CJS
 Thelma Maslen Clerk to Full Governing Body/Clerk to all committees

Execution of Responsibilities

Each year governors elect the Chair and Vice-chair. Our Governors meet regularly throughout the year, as a Full Governing Body and in sub-committees (Finance and Resources; Pupil Development; Staff Development). The Full Governing Body meet once a half term, the committees up to four times a year. The Chair of Governors and Acting Headteachers meet once a fortnight.

Governor Contacts

Governors can be contacted for issues causing concern to parents or for any other reason. If there are general issues with the running of the school governors are always open to approaches, please feel free to speak informally. However, the the role means that governors are remote from day-to-day running and it is more beneficial to contact your child’s class teacher, the Deputy Head or the Acting Headteachers. Letters should be directed via the school office and are, of course, treated with utmost confidentiality.

Governors have a close relationship with the Acting Headteachers and staff to provide a source of support and challenge. They are often in school, formally and informally, keeping in touch with school life. This will include a variety activities, from helping to set the long term direction for the school, setting the school budget, recruiting staff and monitoring school performance through to attending school concerts, helping out in class, and lending a hand at school fundraisers.

To contact the Chair or Clerk of the Governors, please send a letter c/o either  school office or send an email to or marked for their attention.

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