Meet The Governors

Crossways Federation Governing Board


 The Crossways Schools have one governing board that provides oversight to both the Crossways Infant School and the Crossways Junior School in the federation, collectively referred to as “Crossways’.

Chair of Governors:  Emma Aiken-Jones

Vice Chair: Sarah Wickett

Clerk to the governing board: Michelle Galliott


For the full list of governors and the latest attendance and pecuniary information please see the attached files.

The governing board consists of staff, parent and community governors; ensuring stakeholders across the Crossways community are represented.

The Chair of Governors and the Vice Chair are appointed annually.



The governing board have three core functions:

  1. Ensure clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction
  1. Hold the Federation Head Teacher to account for the educational performance of Crossways and its pupils, and the effective and efficient performance management of staff
  1. Overseeing the financial performance of Crossways and making sure its money is well spent

The governing board fulfil these responsibilities through the Full Governing Board, its committees and governors focusing on individual priorities (referred to as link governors), which are align with the School Development Plan and agreed annually.

In addition, governors review and approve the policies used by Crossways to ensure that they reflect the vision, ethos and strategic direction of the schools, aswell as ensuring compliance with statutory requirements.

The day-to-day operational and strategic leadership of Crossways are the responsibility of the Federation Head Teacher and the other members of the Federation Leadership Team.



Emma Aiken-Jones

Chair of Governors, Co-opted (Parent)

Dominique Ayotte-Reader

Associate (staff)

Alan Bucke

Co-opted (Parent)

Claire Clarke

Federation School Business Manager, Co-opted (Staff)

Philip Clarke
Chair of Pupil Development, Co-opted (Parent)
Katey Dowdeswell
Co-opted (Parent)
Katy Eales
Co-opted (Parent)

Paul Gardiner

Chair of Finance & Resources, Co-opted (Parent)

David Jenkins

Local Authority

Paul Medlicott

Federation Head Teacher

Emma Mitchell

Federation Deputy Head, Co-opted (Staff)

Helen Mitchell


David Vernon
Co-opted community
Anthony Phillips
Co-opted community
Michelle Galliot
Clerk to FGB & all committees until 31/08/22
Rachel Beattie
Clerk to FGB & all committees from 01/09/22

Structure of the governing board

The Full Governing Board meet as a group at least five times a year.

In addition, the governing board has the following committees which meet on average at least four times a year:

  • Pupil Development Committee – this committee focuses on teaching and learning, curriculum, pupil welfare and pupil attainment and progress.
  • Finance & Resources Committee – this committee focuses on the finances of Crossways including approving annual budgets and large areas of spend, as well as oversight of resources including buildings, maintenance and health & safety.
  • Pay Committee – this committee reviews and approves changes to the staffing structure and ensures appropriate performance management processes are in place for all staff.

Federation Head Teacher performance management is carried out by a separate panel of two to three governors (supported by a local authority educational specialist) that report into the Pay Committee.

Safeguarding and Staff Wellbeing are two areas that are reported directly to the Full Governing Board.

Full details of the scheme of delegation are set out in The Governing Board Protocol, see the document attached.  Each committee also has Terms of Reference which are approved by the Full Governing Board annually.

From time to time working parties of a small number of governors will be established to complete work in a particular area of focus.

Individual areas of focus (Link governors)

 For the current academic year we have link governors which include the required roles, as well as those areas chosen by the governing board to align with Crossways’ School Development Plan:

Area of focus

Governor responsible


Emma Aiken-Jones


Emma Aiken-Jones

Health and Safety

Helen Mitchell

GDPR and computing

Alan Bucke

Inclusion (including SEND and Pupil Premium)

Sarah Wickett

Children and Staff Mental health and wellbeing

Phillip Clarke

Curriculum, with emphasis on:

English, Maths, History, and Geography

Cori Davies, Dave Vernon, Anthony Phillips

Quality of teaching, pupil attainment and progress

Anthony Phillips


Chair of Governors Annual Statement

 The governors keep the Crossways community updated on their work through contributions to newsletters during the year and an annual statement.  Please find attached the most recent annual statement.


Governor Contacts

We encourage everyone to use the established methods of communicating with school for day to day matters.  However, if you would like to raise a matter with the governors, please contact the Chair or Governors Emma Aiken-Jones by email: