Vision and Values

As part of the federation the schools share a vision and set of values. These are very important to us and set the direction for the schools’ journey over the coming years. Our values are the key attitudes we want the children to cherish and develop; we discuss these often as part of our school life.

In the attached document at the bottom of the page is an explanation of how Crossways encourages and promotes the British Values to help prepare our children for life in modern Britain.

Our Mission Statements

  • Federation statement: ‘Learning Together, Stronger Together’
  • Infant School statement: ‘Standing on Tiptoe’
  • Junior School statement: ‘Soaring to Success’

Our Values

  • Respect
  • Compassion
  • Independence
  • Creativity
  • Self belief
  • Collaboration
  • Resolve


Our Vision

  • Crossways will achieve the best for the children, families and staff, and through this continue to deserve its strong reputation in the wider community for high quality education.
  • Crossways will be purposeful, dynamic and vibrant schools where happy children develop a love of learning.
  • Our children will be confident, well rounded and unique individuals who light up the room by living the values of the schools.
  • Crossways will be at the heart of the community. Our children will be responsible, active citizens, aware of their local, national and global roles.
  • Our schools will be renowned for their stimulating learning environments and curriculum which secure children’s active engagement in their learning fostering their curiosity, imagination and creativity.
  • Our caring, supportive and enthusiastic staff and governors will be dedicated to the learning and development of all our children. The value we place on the children and each other creates a strong, motivated team.
  • Every feature of our school buildings and grounds will provide a safe yet inspirational learning environment, accessible to all.

Schools Vision and Values

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