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 Computing curriculum overview


Crossways Computing

Subject Overview 2023 - 2024



Diversity and Equality



Global Citizenship




Terms 1 and 2

Terms 3 and 4

Terms 5 and 6



Using a computer


All about instructions


Using a computer

Year 1

Improving mouse skills
Algorithms unplugged

Programming Beebots
Online Safety

Digital Imagery

Year 2

What is a computer?
Algorithms and debugging

Programming Scratch
On line safety

International Space Station

Year 3

Networks and the Internet

Programming Scratch
Online Safety

Video Trailers
Journey inside a Computer

Year 4

Collaborative Learning
Further Coding with Scratch

Online Safety

Computational Thinking
Investigating Weather

Year 5

Search Engines
Programming Music

Mars Rover 1
Online Safety

Stop Motion Animation

Year 6

Bletchley Park
Introduction to Python

Big Data 1
Online Safety

History of Computers