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The Crossways Schools

Vision and Values

As part of the federation the schools share a vision and set of values.

These are very important to us and set the direction for the schools’ journey over the coming years. Our values are the key attitudes we want the children to cherish and develop; we discuss these often as part of our school life.

The leadership team worked alongside a team of Governors to develop the Crossways’ vision and values. During this process we have been able to bring together all of the ideas from staff, children, parents.








Our Vision

Our goal is to inspire a love of learning, nurture positive emotional and social wellbeing, empower all to be their personal best and thrive within our community

Our Values

Contribute – collaboration, independence, engage, impactful

Aspire – self-belief, resilience, courage, challenge

Respect – kindness, trust, compassion, friendship

Equality – inclusion, diversity, individuality, acceptance

The children of Crossways Federation were invited to take part in the Crossways Values competition. It was a very difficult decision to select just one winner when there were so many great designs so we decided that a group of winners would be best. We chose 8 winners who had really thought about the values and how they could be represented as pictures.  The values competition winners attended a meeting with Mr Medlicott and a local artist, Ciaràn, to discuss their designs and what they wanted to achieve in their drawings. Ciaràn was pleased to meet the children and talk about their designs. He was very impressed with their ability to articulate their ideas and how creative they were with linking them to the new values. As always, the children made us very proud with their suggestions and ideas for the pictures to accompany the school values and also the way they showed their commitment and passion in helping shape the future of our school.