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Children in Years 1 to 6 are taught a daily mathematics lesson. The curriculum enables children to work confidently with a range of mathematical concepts. The curriculum is organised into the following areas:

Number and place value
Addition and subtraction
Multiplication and division
Fractions (including decimals from Year 4 onwards)
Geometry (properties of shapes / position and direction)
Statistics (from Year 2 onwards)
Ratio & proportion (Year 6 only)
Algebra (Year 6 only)

To find out more about Maths at Crossways, please click here:


Maths overview by year group

Coverage of key calculation methods by year groups

Maths multiplication skip counting overview

To help your child with their Maths then please see our Calculation Policy to see how they are taught.

Whole School Calculation policy 

These are broken down into each skill below:

Addition – Calculation policy

Subtraction – Calculation policy 

Multiplication – Calculation policy

Division – Calculation policy 

If you would like any more information about the way Maths is taught please speak with your child’s class teacher.